A Husband for a Mouse A Moral Story About Marriage

Once upon a time, in a family of ordinary mice, a baby mouse was born.

Few years passed, and she grew up to become a dazzling beauty.

When it was her turn to get married, her parents started looking for a suitable mate.

But how could they find one? Who was special enough to deserve her love? She wanted only the best, only the most powerful.

Her parents spent many days and nights thinking.

Finally, they decided that no one can be more powerful than the Sun. So they went to the sun.

The Sun was flattered. But it merely thanked them for the offer and told them that they are mistaken. The Cloud, he said, was more powerful than him, because clouds block the rays of the sun.

The father of the mouse went to the Cloud. The Cloud was grateful for the offer as well, but reminded him that he was not as strong as the Wind, who drives the clouds wherever he wants.

So, the father of the mouse went to the Wind, but he said that the Wall is more powerful, because he can’t knock him over no matter how hard he tries.

The Wall was once again thankful for the offer, but said that there is someone even more powerful than him: the Mouse. Any mouse, he said, can easily gnaw a hole in any wall.

The father of the mouse was left speechless. He clapped his hands joyfully and proudly went back home. Soon, he gave his daughter to a neighbouring mouse. And the young mice lived happily ever after.


The Lesson

  • Marriage should be between equals.



  • An Accidental Sorcerer. Japanese Fairy Тales. Minsk, 2001.
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