About Toast Finder

ToastFinder is a collection of stories, parables and jokes that can be turned in good toasts and used at any occasion, either to congratulate someone or teach a life lesson.

How did it start?

I grew up in a home filled with Russian and Middle-Eastern traditions. These cultures are based on frequent family and friend gatherings, mostly around dinner tables.

Shot glasses and wine glasses were permanent residents beside our dinner plates as drinking was the norm. Drinking without a toast was not acceptable, so it was very common that guests at the table will rotate to raise various toasts.

Generally toasts were reserved for the older folks at the table. The kids would be asked to sit quietly while an elder tells a toasts. So, throughout my childhood I got to listen to many toasts without ever saying one until I grew up.

And then it happened.

At one birthday gathering I was asked to raise a toast. On the spot. Without any preparation.

And what happened?

I completely froze and my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember a thing.

All I could say was “Cheers!”

A few weeks later it happened again.

When I prepared a month later, I froze again.

Standing in front of 6 or 12 people at a table was just not comfortable for me.

I heard that practice makes perfect, so I decided to collect great stories since they generally become the best toasts.

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