Always Different A Story About Happiness

There was a man who lived by the sea.

Every morning, he left his house, enjoying the beautiful pine tree which grew on the mountain nearby. He loved drawing this beauty over and over again, and was generally happy.

But one day, there was a storm. The pine cracked, the mountain collapsed, and his house was swept away by the waves. Sitting on the shore, the man started thinking that he would never be as happy as he had been, because everything that was dear to him, had disappeared forever.

Suddenly, a girl came. They spent a lot of time together, wrote poems together, drew together, climbed the surrounding mountains together and marveled at the beauty of the world together.

They wandered along the shore, rejoiced in life and loved each other deeply. But one day the girl did not come. Her parents left and took her with them. He suffered greatly, and it seemed to him that he would never be able to be happy, because he had no one to kiss and love anymore.

Suddenly, the waves threw a boat ashore, and in the boat, he found a chest full of old books. The man browsed through these books, then he started reading them one by one by the crackling fire in the long winter evenings, thinking about their wisdom and being happy once again.

But, one day, the owner of the books came, and the books had to be returned to him. The man walked ashore in the hope that the sea would bring something else. But everything was in vain. Happiness was lost once again.

The Lesson

  • We always expect happiness to come in the form we had known before, but it always comes in a different shape.
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