The Best Zoo in the Universe – Short Story About Perspective

Towards the end of August, a huge silver coloured spaceship came to Earth, carrying with it Professor Hugo’s zoo.

The zoo was open for only six hours. Adults and children waited since the early morning, forming the longest line ups ever witnessed.

And everyone was holding in their hands the entrance fee, a small amount to pay for such an unforgettable spectacle.

The earthlings crowded around the cages, experiencing both aversion and admiration at the sight of the unusual creatures, that looked like horses and spiders at once.

Six hours later, the Professor said it’s closing time, explaining that the zoo is now off to some other cities on the planet.

Almost everyone who got the chance to see the alien beasts agreed that the exhibition must have been the most interesting that they remember.

Two months later, the silver spaceship descended among the deformed rocks of the planet Kaan. The passengers of the ship, that looked like horses and spiders at once, left the cells.

At home, they were met with many questions.

One child, who had returned home with his father, said:

– The most interesting part of the excursion was the planet Earth. The local inhabitants there cover their skin with clothes and move on two legs.

– Are they not dangerous? – asked his mother.

– Oh, no. We were protected from them by bars and did not leave the ship. But this spectacle alone was worth the money we paid for the whole tour.


The Lesson

  • Never feel superior to anyone.



  • Hawke Ed. The Greatest Zoo // The Last Innovation; Anthology of World’s Fantasy and Adventure Fiction, M., 1991.
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