Most Difficult Thing to Draw A Story About Creativity

An artist was once asked:

– Which is the most difficult thing to draw?

He replied:

– It’s hardest to draw a rooster.

– And which is the easiest thing to draw?

– It’s easiest to draw a God or a ghost – the artist replied.

– How so? – the people were amazed.

The artist explained it to them:

– Well, people see roosters everywhere, day after day, and they will notice the tiniest mistake at first glance. But no one has ever seen God, and no one can say if he is drawn incorrectly.


The Lesson

  • In art, it’s always more difficult to deal with a subject that everyone knows about and which everyone may judge as an expert.



  • A Casket of Wisdom. Ancient Chinese Fables. L., 1961.
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