Dodo A Funny Story About Problems

An inspector of a hospital for the insane, saw that one of the patients was rocking back and forth in a chair, muttering constantly to himself in a soft contented voice: “Dodo, Dodo, Dodo…”

– What’s his problem? – he asked the doctor.

– It’s Dodo. It’s all because of her. That’s the woman who left him, the doctor replied.

Down the corridor, while passing beside a room with softly upholstered walls, another patient got the inspector’s attention. He was bashing his head against the wall and moaning: “Dodo, Dodo, Dodo…”

– What? Dodo is a problem for this person as well?

– Yes, the doctor answered. This is the one who eventually married her.

The Lesson

  • There are only two kinds of problems in life: not getting what you want – and getting it.


  • Mello, Anthony de. When God Laughed. M., 2003.
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