How to Get to Heaven A moral story about friendship.

A man with a dog walked on a long and tiresome road.

He walked for a long time and got very tired. The dog was tired too. 

Suddenly in front of him he noticed an oasis!

A beautiful gate – and behind the fence – music, flowers, the sound of a stream. 

  • “What is this place?” the traveler asked the gatekeeper.
  • “This is paradise, you have already died, and now you can enter and relax.”
  • “Is there water there?”
  • “As much as you want: clean fountains, cool pools…” 
  • “Will they give me something to eat?”
  • “Whatever you want.”
  • “But the dog is with me.”
  • “Sorry, sir, you can’t go in with dogs.” The dog will have to stay here.

So the traveler turned and continued his journey along the road. 

After a while, the road led him to a farm. 

A gatekeeper also sat at the gate.

  • “I’m thirsty,” the traveler asked.
  • “Come in, there is a well in the yard.
  • “And my dog?
  • “Near the well you will see a drinking bowl.
  • “What to eat
  • “I can treat you to dinner.”
  • “And the dog?
  • “There is a bone.
  • “What is this place?”
  • It is a paradise.
  • How so? The gatekeeper at the palace nearby told me that heaven is there.
  • “He’s lying.” There it is hell.
  • “Why do you let them lie like this?”
  • “Well, they are actually very useful for us. Because only those who do not abandon their friends reach the real paradise.”

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