Life is a gift

A blind girl hated herself for being blind. She did not love everyone, except for the one she loved. He supported her in everything. She said that if she could only look and see this world, she would certainly marry her fiancé.

Someone once donated a pair of their eyes for her. Now she could see, including her fiancé.

The groom asked her:

“ Now that you see the world, will you marry me? »

🔗 The girl was shocked to find that her fiancé turned out to be blind. She refused to marry him.

Crying, her fiancé left and later wrote her a letter:

” Just take care of my eyes, dear, because I loved you so much that I sacrificed them for you .”

📿This is the very case when the human mind changes due to a change in position. Only a few remember what life was like before, and who was always there even in the most difficult situations.

🌺Life is a gift!

↪Today, before you say an unpleasant word, think of those who cannot speak.
📌 Before complaining about the taste of food, think about those who have nothing to eat.
📌 Before complaining about your husband or your wife, think about those who ask the Almighty not to leave him.
📌 Before complaining about life, think about those who left it too early.
📌 Before complaining about your children, think about those who dream of children, but cannot have them.
📌 Before you swear because of the mess in the house, who should clean or sweep, think about those who live on the street.
📌 Before complaining about the distance you have to travel, think about those who walk the same distance on foot.
🕊When you get tired and complain about work, think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who dream of having one.

↪Do not rush to point fingers or condemn someone, remember there are no sinless ones and we will all answer to the only Creator. When depressing thoughts depress you, smile and thank God that you are still alive.

Life is a gift!
And Remember That!!!! 😄

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