The Mind A Story About Positive Thinking

Once upon a time, a traveler sat to rest under a tree. He didn’t know that this tree was special, it was a “wish-fulfilling” tree.

When the traveler woke up, he felt very hungry.

All of a sudden, a tasty dish appeared before him.

After he ate the food and felt full, another thought came to his mind: “How nice it would be if I had something to drink now…”

Right then, a fine bottle of wine appeared in front of him.

Lying in the shade of the tree, calmly drinking the delicious wine, enjoying the pleasant cool breeze, the traveler began wondering:

– Now, what’s going on? Where is all this coming from? Could it be that some ghosts are playing tricks on me?

And, lo and behold, ghosts instantly appeared before his very eyes. They were hideous and cruel, just as he imagined they should be.

– Oh my god, they will kill me! – he thought to himself, terrified.

And… they killed him.

The Lesson

  • Your mind is a wish-fulfilling tree. Your thoughts are the ones shaping both your identity and your life, both your heaven and your hell.
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