The King’s Challenge A moral story about not giving up

A rich king is looking for a man to marry his daughter.

He sets a challenge – each man who wants to qualify, must wear the royal metal armor and climb 500 stairs to the top of the mountain where the king’s castle is located.

Many men from around the world come to take on the challenge. But as soon as they put on the armor, the men realize that it will be an impossible task.

The first man takes 1 step, then looks up at the remaining 499 steps and gives up.

The second goes up 2 steps and also drops down.

The same goes for the third, and the forth, and the rest of the men.

Except for the last one.

The last man sees that its an impossible task, but decides to give his best anyways.

He steps on the first step, then take a deep breath and goes to the second step.

He takes another breath, the goes to the third step.

By the forth step, he barely lifts his shaking feet, yet he makes it to the forth.

He feels that he is about to drop, but he decides to push one more time.

As he about to step on the fifth step, he suddenly feels a huge pull from the top and his body effortlessly flies up to the castle, where the king has previously installed a massive magnet to pull the brave man that doesn’t give up on the first few steps!

This “moral story about not giving up” can be used to illustrate the importance of faith and perseverance in our lives. Many times the lessons in our lives come from showing effort and taking the first step until the end. This is a perfect moral story about not giving up, which you can use as an inspirational toast or a metaphor. Since this story also hints about a relationship between a man and a woman, it can also be used to link to ‘love’ related life situations or events.

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