Not All at Once – An Inspirational Story About Teachers

One day a preacher entered a sermon hall to address his believers. But, this time, the room was empty, except for a young stable boy who was sitting in the front row.

– Do you want me to speak for you alone or just skip today’s sermon?

– Sir, I’m a simple person and I don’t understand anything about that. But if I enter a stable and discover that all but one of the horses have fled – I will still feed that remaining horse.

The preacher understood, so he began his prepared sermon.

He spoke beautifully for more than two hours, and when he finished, he went to the stable boy to hear confirmation of how good his speech had been.

He asked him:

– How did you like my sermon?

– Sir, I already told you that I am a simple person. But when I feed the only horse left in the stable, I usually don’t give her the same amount of food that was meant for all horses.


The Lesson

The fewer the students, the more individual the approach of the teacher should be.

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