A Soldier of Fortune A Story About Finding Happiness

A man once decided to go and find Fate.

On his way, he met a wolf, who told him that his teeth hurt and wondered if he could ask Fate for a remedy.

Then he chanced upon a large crowd of hungry people. They told him that they didn’t have anything to eat, because each harvest they found their crops rotting in the root. They wanted to know the cause for their misfortune.

Finally, he met a king, who wanted to know the reason behind his endless military failures.

At last, the man met Fate.

First of all, he asked her about the wolf’s problem.

– Tell him to eat an ass’s brain. He’ll heal right away.

Then he asked how to help the hungry. Fate replied:

– Just tell them to dig through their fields; they will never be hungry again.

As for the king, Fate advised that he needs to put a good commander at the head of his army, instead of leading the army himself.

Finally, the man asked where he can find his own destiny.

– You will meet your happiness on your way home. But be careful – lest you’re going to miss it.

On the way back, the man first went to the king, who, in return for the advice, gladly offered his daughter to be his wife. The man, however, refused: he was in a hurry to find his own happiness.

He went to the hungry. They dug out their fields and found an immense amount of gold and silver buried under the earth. They offered the man to share their newfound wealth with them, but the man refused. He said he was trying to find his own happiness.

Finally, he went to the sick wolf, and relayed to him the advice Fate shared with him, telling him everything that had happened to him on his way back.

The wolf thought a bit about the advice and the things the man did, and realized that he will never find a bigger ass than the man as long as he’s living. So, he ate the man, and his teeth suddenly stopped aching.


The Lesson

  • You will find your happiness along the way. But, be careful not to miss it.
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