The Blind Men and The Elephant

There is an ancient story from the East of 4 blind men and an elephant.

4 blind men got a chance to touch an elephant and were later asked to describe the elephant.

The first one said that the elephant is long and skinny, like a snake.

The second said that the first one doesn’t know what he’s talking about because an elephant is a like a trunk of a tree, round and thick.

The third claimed that the other two are wrong because the elephant is wide like a giant wall.

And the last one dismissed the other three because he felt the elephant was flat and soft, like a piece of fabric.


Of course, each one was right. But each argued with the others because of their personal perspective, which lacked the bigger picture.

What’s interesting is that people who can see are not much different from the blind men in this story.

We all make assumptions based on our own individual perspectives. And we are ready to fight for them.

In reality all that is needed is the wisdom to see the bigger picture.


Here is a toast that each one of us merits to see the bigger picture in our lives.

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