The Broken Jug – A Story About Helpers

A small clay water jug stood on the stove. And in the corner of the room, a sick man lay on the bed. He was tormented by extreme thirst. “Just a sip, just a sip,” he groaned.

But there was no one in the room. His pleas were so heartbreaking that the jug could not stand it anymore. With an incredible effort, it rolled up to the patient’s bedside. Gathering all his strength, the sick man lifted the jug from the floor to his dry lips. It was empty.

The very last thing the patient did was hurling the jug against the wall and breaking it into small pieces.


The Lesson

  • Don’t break into small pieces those who try to help you. Even if the attempts are futile, evaluate their efforts.


  • If You’re Not An Ass, or How to recognize a Sufi. M., 2003.
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