The By-Products of Life Motivational Story About the Value of By-Products

It often happens that a by-product of a manufacturing process proves worthier than the original product of that process.

For example, many people know the name of the most famous product of the Bayer Chemical Corporation of Germany. But few are aware that it was discovered by an accident.

Namely, while manufacturing other chemical products, Bayer created large quantities of acetylsalicylic acid. This acid, in crystal powder, was heaped outside the factory before being towed away for removal.

However, a Bayer executive noticed his workers taking and swallowing some of the powder each Monday morning. Interested to find out the reason behind this behavior, he conducted a small survey among his employees.

They all had the same answer. Namely, the powder was a miracle painkiller which helped them deal with the headaches and pains got from overdrinking and overworking during the weekends.

Not much time had passed, and Bayer had launched its signature product, one of the most widely used medications in the world – Aspirin.

Few remember the original chemical of which it was, at one point, merely a by-product.

The lesson:

  • Just as a by-product may turn out to be a better product than the original, what you consider to be less important in your life may, in fact, be more important than everything else.
  • Always think twice before getting rid of something or, even worse, someone; that friend you had some disagreements with may just have wanted to be more than a friend…


  • Brian Tracy, Master Your Time, Master Your Life: The Breakthrough System to Get More Results, Faster, in Every Area of Your Life, 2016, pp. 84-5
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