The Cow and the Cat – A Motivational Story About Friends and Foes

One cold winter day, a little bird was sitting frozen in the middle of the road.

To make matters worse, a cow came along and, lifting its tail, slapped a pile of dung on the bird.

But the dung warmed the little bird and brought it back to life.

Delighted, the bird started to chirp loudly from joy.

At that moment, a cat was running by… and heard the loud chirping.

The cat snatched the bird out of the dung… and ate it.


The Lesson

The moral is that…

The one who gets you in crap is not always your enemy.

And, the one who pulls you out of crap, is not always your friend.

But in general – if good fortune comes your way – just enjoy it and don’t make a lot of noise.



  • The Table Book. Toasts. Anecdotes. Songs. Folklore. SP, 1997.
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