The One Who Is in the Pond An Inspirational Story About Attitude

One day, the little Raccoon went into the woods to pick some sweet sedge for dinner.

When he arrived in the woods, however, a monkey decided to have some fun with him. So, he asked him:

– Are you not afraid the ONE WHO is living in the pond? He’s so evil and scary. It would be best if you took a stick and cautiously threatened him.

The Little Raccoon went to the pond and shouted loudly:

– Hey, you! Get out!

But everything around him was quiet. Then the Raccoon walked over a log to the middle of the pond and peered into the water. Someone was looking at him from the water. The Raccoon crooked his face and swung his stick. The ONE WHO sat in the pond, made the same face and swung his stick as well. The Little Raccoon was terrified. He rushed home straightaway.

– I’ll never go to the woods to pick sweet sedge again – he told his mother. – I’m afraid of the ONE WHO is sitting in the pond.

– Even so, what do you say of going back and smiling at him?

The Little Raccoon did exactly that. And it turned out that the ONE WHO was sitting in the pond, smiled back.

And then the Little Racoon realized that others smile at those who is himself friendly and meets them with a smile.

The Lesson

  • The world is a mirror which returns each one its own image. Frown – and it will sourly look at you. Strike – and you will be stricken. Smile – and the world will smile with you.


  • The Little Raccoon. A Film-Tale by M. V. Dolotsev. M., 1989.
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