The Royal Caravan An Inspirational Story About Life

One day, a poor man appeared at the door of a royal palace. No one dared to stop him when he headed straight for the throne on which a king was seated.

– What do you need? – asked the king.

– A place in the caravan, to spend the night.

– This is not a caravan! This is my palace!

– Can I find out who owned this palace before you?

– My father. But he is no longer alive.

– And who was its owner before him?

– My grandfather. He, too, died.

– So, this is a place where people stop for a short time and continue their journey in the morning… In my humble opinion, I don’t think you said anything about this not being a caravan.

The Lesson

  • We are all in the waiting room…


  • Mello, Anthony de. When God Laughed. M., 2003.
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