Toast to a Good Start and a Successful Journey

You know that in physics – getting an object at rest to begin moving requires far more energy than it does to keep it moving.

Think of a rocket for a second. 90 percent of the power is used in the first several moments, to get the rocket into the air.

The other 10 percent is all that’s needed to keep it moving the rest of the journey.

However, if that rocket gets off course, it requires lots of energy to get back on track. And if it gets too far off course, then it will fail to complete its mission. All the effort and energy that was spent is wasted for nothing.

Such are journeys in our lives as well.

When growing or changing any aspect of our lives, getting started is usually the hardest step. It takes the most effort.

But if we keep moving, we get impressive results.

Unless… we stray off course.  And very often that is exactly what happens – we get along great, and then we quit!


I wish for all of you to always have an easy start in all our endeavours and that we have the strength, faith and courage not to quit and keep moving forward! Cheers!





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