Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best A Motivational Story About Remaining Calm

A peasant owned a beautiful purebred horse.

One day, he ran away from the stables and disappeared for some time. The neighbors in the village sympathized with the peasant, but he remained calm.

A week later, his horse returned and brought with himself a wonderful female horse.

The villagers talked about the event for a long time, sincerely happy for the peasant. He, on the other hand, remained as calm as before.

After a while, his son fell from the horse, broke his leg and became crippled for life. The neighbors felt sorry for the peasant once again, but he remained calm.

A year later, a war erupted. The sons of all villagers left for the war, perhaps never to return again. And the crippled one, the son of the peasant, was deemed incapable and had to stay at home.

The villagers envied the peasant, but he remained calm. Because he never let himself forget one simple, ancient truth: whatever happens – happens for the best.

The Lesson

  • No need to panic when you don’t know how to change something that can’t be changed: whatever happens – happens for the best.


  • Georgian folk tales. M., 1978.
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