Airplane Tickets A Time Management Story

Here is a time management story about airplane tickets.

Consider for a moment the price of an airplane ticket.

Each airplane has a limited amount of space. And the goal of the airline is to fill the airplane as much as possible.

When an airplane leaves the gate with empty seats, the price of those seats immediately drops to $0.00.

Once the plane lifts off, the opportunity to sell the empty seats is gone forever and the airline has absolutely no chance of getting a penny for it.

The value of an airline seat is directly related to whether it is occupied. Whether the price is $400.00 or $40.00, the seat has value only if there is a person sitting in it. After take-off, the chance for payment is history.

The same can be said about ‘time’.

Each one of us has a specific amount of time that goes by with every moment.

Lost or wasted time cannot be recovered. It is gone the moment that it passes.

Once a second is behind you, it cannot be replicated or returned.

The value of an unused minute drops to zero the moment it passes.

May we all learn the value of time and make every moment of our lives special.

Let’s make every minute count!

This time management story can be used as an inspirational story to put a fresh perspective on time for your listeners. Time management is the most important aspect of our lives as we all get a limited amount of time to live on planet Earth. The people that master proper time management skills are typically the most successful.

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