In the Eye of the Beholder A Story About Beauty

Once upon a time, a terrible dragon settled beside a stream in the mountains.

The people were left without water. Women were crying, children were dying of thirst. The men tried to kill the dragon, but he swept everyone with his long tail. The people were in despair.

It was at this time that a poor widow gave birth to a heroic son. He grew up surprisingly quickly and summoned the dragon to a battle.

The dragon laughed.

– Just so that you understand, I do not fight with weapons. Each of my opponents, I ask only one question. If he can’t answer it, I sweep him with my tail into the abyss. But if he answers it correctly, I will immediately die.

– Fair enough, said the young man. I agree to the conditions.

The dragon shrieked loudly, and two beautiful women suddenly emerged from the cave of the rock. And then the dragon asked his question:

– Which of them is the more beautiful one?

– The more beautiful one, answered the young man, is the one you like the best.

– You’re right, croaked the dragon and let out his final breath.

The Lesson

  • The most beautiful one is always the one you like the best.


  • Bayramov E. Spiritual Tales of the Muslims. M., 2002
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