The Cockroach – A Funny Story About Making Conclusions

A scientist once decided to prove that the ears of the cockroach are located in its legs.

So, he started conducting experiments.

He put a cockroach on a table and loudly clapped his hands.

The cockroach ran away.

Then the scientist tore one of the cockroach’s legs and clapped his hands again.

The cockroach ran away once more.

Next the scientist tore a second leg and clapped his hands loudly for the third time.

Though clumsily, the cockroach ran away yet again.

Then the scientist tore a third leg and clapped his hands loudly for one final time.

The cockroach remained in one place.

– See – now he is deaf! – concluded the scientist.


The Lesson

  • Only facts are indisputable, not conclusions…
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