The Stuck Truck A Story About Creativity - Anything is Possible

Here is a “creativity story” that I heard from a friend.

It shows the power of creativity and that anything is possible if we take a different perspective.


There was an accident – a big truck got stuck under a bridge in the middle of a road.

It was trying to pass through the bridge, but a few inches got it complete stuck.

Firemen and policemen came to the scene of the accident.

They brought heavy equipment and tried pulling the truck out. No success.

Along comes a little boy and asks one of the policemen what is happening.

The policeman explained that the truck got stuck and that they trying to pull it out, but nothing is working.

The little boy stepped in to have a better look and after a few moments said… “Why don’t you take the air out of the tires?”

The policeman was stunned at the suggestion.

A group of grown men couldn’t figure out something that a little boy found naturally in a few minutes.

The story goes that the policeman run to his team and they were able to pull the truck out within the next few minutes.


Such is the power of natural creativity.

When we are born, we have pure minds where anything is possible.

As we grow older, we accumulate so much mental baggage… of  things we can do and of things we cannot do.


Here is a toast to creativity – lets remember that anything is possible if we take a moment to step out and get a new perspective.


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