Not the Right Key A Funny Story About Trust

A man decided to go on a long journey.

Since he was an old man and had recently married a beautiful young woman, he was very worried that she would not remain faithful to him.

So, he ordered a “belt of loyalty”, and, before leaving, he put it on his wife.

The only problem was: where should he put the key so as nobody could find it?

He decided to entrust the key to a friend, who was ninety-nine years old at the time and was no longer interested in women.

The friend thanked him for his trust and promised he will keep his wife safe and untouched.

Happy that everything turned out so well, the man left.

An hour into his journey, the man hears behind him the tramping of a galloping donkey.

To his disbelief, it was his old friend.

He was shouting loudly: “You gave me the wrong key!”

The Lesson

  • There are things in life you can trust nobody with.


  • Stories of the World. Minsk, 1998.
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